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5 Critical Steps to Maximizing the Effectiveness of Your Direct Mail Campaign

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Watch Your Direct Mail Response Rates Skyrocket

As a marketing professional, you know that in order for your campaign to be a success, many different elements must come together. Often times, so much focus is placed on the product and the offer, your target market and how you contact them is frequently taken for granted.

Ask yourself...
Are you mailing to the same list over and over? 
Do you mail to a cheap list compiled from phone books? 
Do you mail to a list that hasn't been updated? 
Do you get more returns for undeliverable mail than you do orders?

You can't afford to make these critical mistakes.

Your choice of a mailing list could mean the difference between success and failure.

In fact, Jay Levinson, world renowned marketing expert and author of Guerilla Marketing, says that the proper mailing list accounts for 60% of the effectiveness of your mailing. So, if you use a list that is poorly maintained or compiled from phone books or other questionable sources, it can lead you to disastrous results.

This may lead you to believe that going right to the source is the best approach. Wrong. Unfortunately, it's not that simple.

Our independent analysis of the California Department of Consumer Affairs' lists revealed an astounding 24.7% error rate. Regardless of how good the other components in your marketing campaign are, if you go this route your return on investment will suffer. Can you really afford to waste 25% of your marketing dollars on bad addresses?

As marketers ourselves, we understand how much you value a clean, comprehensive and accurate list.

As a matter of fact, our company was originally started over ten years ago due to our inability to find a quality mailing list. After trying various sources, we realized the only way we were going to get the comprehensive and clean list we were seeking would be to compile it ourselves.

So we went to all available legitimate sources to compile the most all-inclusive database of mental health professionals available. Our database has now grown to nearly four million health care professionals, giving you access to nearly every  Psychologist, Social Worker,  Counselor, Therapist,  Clinic,  Agency and Nurse in the country.

Then, we developed a systematic approach to updating and cleaning our lists to ensure the deliverability we sought. The first step is to perform an address standardization and an NCOA of all new files prior to incorporating them into our database. Incomplete and bad addresses are deleted. Then the file is run through a custom developed program to remove duplicates.

To maintain the integrity of the list, we do a bi-weekly NCOA update to capture recent moves. A manual review then follows to ensure the cleanest list possible.

As one of our clients said, "...We get very few returns from your lists. The number of pieces we see come back are much higher from our other sources".

It was apparent that other marketers had the same needs as us, so we began renting out our lists. Last year alone our clients mailed to over 11,000,000 professionals from our database.

Since our clients were having great success they requested other types of professionals, and we obliged. There are now over 70 different professional selects to choose from, giving you access to nearly all the mental health and health care professionals in the US. Some of our Professional Selects can be found at right, however if you don't see what you're looking for, Contact Us, and let us know what you need as we do have additional lists available.

Our clients include some of the top universities as well as private continuing education providers in the country. We're also the source for private practitioners marketing a one day seminar who rely on us for our expertise and personal guidance to help make their programs a success.

It's that personal care that keeps our clients coming back. We'll work with you to find the most appropriate marketing mix that works within your budget.

With nearly 4 million professionals in our database, there's a lot to choose from. But we'll help you find the best target market based upon:


We understand that marketing may not be your area of expertise. Perhaps you are a great educator, or have developed a product that will benefit other professionals. We can help your direct mail campaign be a success.

As a special Bonus, we are offering new clients a
FREE marketing consultation and brochure/sales letter critique
(a $300 value).

Now, you're just one phone call away from the most comprehensive and accurate mailing lists on the market. 

Call us now at 1-844-447-7924 and get the
Psychlist Marketing advantage

We've saved you the time and trouble of dealing with the various agencies to compile the lists. More importantly these lists have been address standardized, de-duped, cleaned and are ready to mail. You no longer have to worry about wasting money on mail pieces and postage that won't get delivered, resulting in a better response rate.

In fact, we are so confident in our residential lists that we offer a

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE of 100% deliverable, an offer that is unmatched in the industry. And, not only will we refund you the price for each name returned, but we'll pay for your postage (at the standard rate) as well so you can't lose.

The only way to gauge the effectiveness of anything is to test it. So see for yourself and do a test mailing with our list versus the list you are currently using. You'll love the response rates you get and the quality of our service. We'll even provide 
Free Key Codes so you can track the responses with your initial order

And, if you have an in-house list, we'll do a merge/purge for you at no additional cost so that you maximize your contacts and not pay for any names you already have.

You must ask yourself, can you really afford not to use Psychlist Marketing for your next direct mail campaign?

Only at Psychlist Marketing, can you:

Select from the largest database of Mental Health and Health Care professionals available.
Free marketing consultation and direct mail critique.
Guarantee 100% Deliverable Residential Lists.
Free merge/purge service.

CLICK HERE to get started on your next marketing campaign.

Quite frankly, once most companies start dealing with us for their mailing lists, they very rarely ever leave. Given an opportunity, we don't think you'll have a need to go elsewhere either.

Let one of our clients get the final word. "...We are definitely seeing positive results. Especially when we compare responses from your lists to those we've been getting the past few years from other sources. To say the last, we are very pleased".


PS: Call us now at 1-844-447-7924 to plan your next mailing campaign. You'll receive a FREE consultation and mail piece critique and FREE key coding on your first order. Plus you'll also receive our 100% deliverability guarantee
on residential lists.



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