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Psychlist Marketing, Inc., started as a result of one therapist’s frustrations in marketing mental health programs.

In promoting these conferences he faced many of the same challenges and frustrations I'm sure you have. There were the unreliable list suppliers, who didn't meet deadlines and didn't deliver what they promised. Their lists weren't updated regularly, contained duplicate, even triplicate names; professionals were listed under the wrong classifications, and the number of undeliverable addresses was exorbitant.

Finally it was determined the only way to avoid this was to build our own database. We had a customer list from workshop attendees and book buyers to start with and we began supplementing that with lists from every available source.

We’ve spent the time dealing with the various state agencies and can save you all the headaches. An added benefit to you is that we've already address standardized their lists, cleaned and updated them. We can also provide these lists much more quickly to you and at greater savings.

How Psychlist Marketing, Inc. is different from other list suppliers: First of all at Psychlist Marketing, Inc. we deal solely with mental health and health care professionals and agencies. Concentrating on this segment has enabled us to do a thorough and efficient job. In the process we've been able to grow our database to more than four million professionals, the largest of its kind on the market.

Secondly, it is of the utmost importance to us to be confident we are providing you with a clean and accurate list, and we have many procedures in place to see to this. We mail first class to portions of our list on a regular basis. So we know that the list is clean and these professionals are responsive.

Our database is now updated bi-weekly, using custom developed computer programs to ensure accurate delivery, including NCOA, DSF and merge/purge tools to eliminate duplicate names at the same address. Following these automated procedures, our data processing department manually reviews the files to eliminate anything that may have been missed, to ensure only the most recent address is provided. While this is a long and laborious process, it's important to us to know we're providing you with the best list available, so that you can maximize your own promotional opportunities.

In fact we are so confident in the reliability of our list that we guarantee our residential lists to be 100% deliverable, an offer that is unmatched in the industry.

As one of our clients said, ". . . We get very few returns from your lists. The number of pieces we see come back are much higher from our other sources". And, not only will we refund the price for each residential name returned, but we'll pay for your postage at the standard rate as well, so you can't lose.

Since you're looking for cost-effective ways of increasing your contacts, we can help you attain the most productive response at the most economical rate. Backed by our guarantee, you're not assuming any of the risk normally associated with using a new list.

We're so confident that this can be the most effective list you've used, we encourage you to do a test mailing with our list versus the list you are currently using. See for yourself the response rates you could be getting regularly, and the quality of our service.

We're doing everything we can to make doing business with Psychlist Marketing, Inc. as risk free as possible.

Our commitment to service and excellence doesn't stop there. At any time you can call and speak with one of our marketing experts. We'll be happy to offer any assistance on the planning of your direct mail campaign or answer any questions with regard to how many professionals we have in a certain geographical area.

We're willing to go that extra mile for our customers. When a client's mailing house incorrectly affixed the wrong labels to their brochures, we accommodated them by reprocessing 70,000 labels on a Saturday and Sunday, at no additional charge to the customer.

To attest to the success our customers have had using our database one stated, “. . . We are definitely seeing positive results. Especially when we compare responses from your lists to those we've been getting the past few years from other sources. To say the least, we are very pleased.”

If there is any way we can make doing business with us easier for you, please let us know. Or if there are any other services we can provide we will do our best to accommodate you. When a client requested zip code and SCF summary reports to help track their responses we were happy to do so, and we'll do the same for you.

For more information, or to place a list order please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



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